Personal Training

WHY - Choose a personal trainer?

People of all ages, different body types and levels of fitness benefit from personal training. The aim of the personal trainer is to make sure that you achieve maxium results in the minimum amount of time. If you have asked yourself, do I need a personal trainer?  -  Then the answer is probably yes.

If you find self motivation difficult, find sticking to workout plans impossible and your last exercise attempts failed, you need a personal trainer.  I am that personal trainer and  will put together a programme designed to suit your needs. GladiatorFit is here to help.

WHERE - Will your sessions be done?

In the New GladiatorFit Fitness Studio. Designed for the perfect workout, with gym floor, exercise bike, treadmill, rowing machine, weights, kettle bells and much much more! It is a great environment to work in. So, no need to join the gym and pay out on membership fees. Come and join me at GladiatorFit.

WHEN - Will you do your sessions?

During your initial consultation we will chat through all your options. We will discuss your aims and work out how many sessions you need to do. We will then arrange a time that suits you and your lifestyle.Then we can stick to that time each week so that you will always know your training slot.