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Hey Guys,

Decided I would write a blog on my website to let you know how things have been going at the studio. Cant believe we have been in there now for nearly 8 months, where has that time gone. Firstly I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone supporting me and GladiatorFit. As you all know I totally love working with you all, in fact its like our own wee fitness family ;-)

As most of you know, If am not busy with Personal Training clients or taking a Circuits Class, I am busy putting the Boot Campers though their paces and I wouldn't have it any other way. The Boot Camps have been running monthly since November, and I am so impressed with each and everyone that has taken part and those still involved. Improved fitness levels, lighter bodies and happier minds, and as for you Gladfitters each and every Circuit Class you smash it out, even with me shouting "head up, fast feet, weight through the heels, faster, sprint!" you keep coming back for more #boom!

I am also really looking for to the next couple of months as we lead up to summer, with week 4 of this Boot Camp approaching and 2 more still to come before July. Time sure does fly when your having fun, or when you life runs around a Boot Camp schedule!

My own training is going well, and the 2013 season is ready to kick off, so it will be busy weeks in the studio and travelling around the UK this summer for competition. I sometimes think, how do I fit it all in, but I certainly wouldn't have it any other way. 

Who needs rest anyway ;-) train,work,eat, train work eat - add some sleep in at the end of the day and I am raring to go the next day.

It does help that I love my Job, love my studio and my clients kick butt -  you know what's coming next. 

Mwah and Boom!!

 x x x

Ps - any questions just hollar back x 


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